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Grape STEM experiment – free activity guide!

We are back with another “GRAPE” 🍇 STEM/Science Experiment in collaboration with The Produce Moms.  STEM has become a critical component to nation-wide Academic Standards, and we believe that fruits and vegetables can play a large role outside of just the care

STEM stands for an idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is an applied, blended and cohesive approach that encourages a hands-on experience while allowing students a chance to gain and apply relevant “real world” knowledge in the classroom.

Dehydration of Grapes is an activity to see if the skin color of the grapes has any impact on the time it takes for the dehydration process of grapes.  This activity could easily be changed and modified into several different experiments. You could do the dehydration of grapes vs. raspberries, apple slices, peaches  (or any other fruit) and test to see if the fruit’s water percentage impacts the dehydration process. You could also cut the grapes in half to see if they dehydrate faster than whole grapes.  Or you could even test refrigerator stored vs. counter stored to see if the storage has any impact or change in the dehydration process. The experiments are endless!

This experiment is perfect for a science class, science fair project or even at home for some extra learning!  The best part about our newest STEM experiment, Dehydration of Grapes…you can download and print it for FREE!